Arabian Gulf Career Development Forum (CADEF) included under its umbrella a group of experts and specialists from gulf cooperation council states at the scientific research level in the fields of human resources development, career development and training.

 The forum has been declared in the first conference held in 2002 in Kuwait state, and its formal system approved in the third conference held in 2004, as a gulf professional league concerned with  the specialized topics in the same field. The forum is supported by specialized work organizations in both public and private sectors as well as the experts, specialists and trainers in the council states. The annual conference prepares the main actions which result in the projects, mechanisms and pivots that are required to be regularly dealt with and which constitute the priority and professional interest of the forum members.

 Out  of the most distinctive recommendations which are sometimes translated into projects and executive work program of the current annual circle were the issues relating to the centers and units for training and career development in the work organizations, since the organizations in both public and private sectors paid attention to the effective practices that may be achieved in preparing and qualifying the human resources in the work organizations while establishing and managing the training centers and units specialized in these organizations as a professional work organization able to make the required changes in the performance, skills and knowledge  of the workers and the culture of the organization alike.

 Annual conference:

 The annual eighth conference for the forum proposes multiple topics including important and vital recital which deals with the issues relating to the message, roles, and structure of training centers and units and development career in the work organizations. This topic resulted from the recommendations of the previous conference including the discussions, sessions, dialogues, contributions, and proposals held during its actions.

 The conference offers in its program opened discussions circles and sessions that focus on the pivotal side of the professional methodology in addition to 8 specialized workshops held in an independent day which deal with the applicable sides of the participants to meet the different training needs and cope with the multiple career backgrounds which are included under these participations.