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The Tenth annual conference for GCC Career Development Forum

 "Training Economics for Work Organization … Costs &Benefits"

            Many researches and studies gave attention to the importance of issues that are related with training and its economics, in addition to the training programs towards each individual and organization by highlight and display these programs as a highly effective economic advantages for both performance and quality of work.

                  What is needed now is the confirmation of the benefits of training increases which promotes convention about the importance of holding training programs cover all levels of employees in the organization.

                   When discuss the benefits of training programs, we should focus on the vital role of training programs in development and improvement that should be designed according to the professional standards, and must be adopted in accordance with the real needs of the organization if result is achieved, that will raise capability of manpower and enhance the quality of work.

           The GCC countries face unstable economic situations , indicators of current man power are appeared the weakness of its participation in work so it is important to raise the level of national man power  participation through effective training programs for all kinds and level of employees to measure later the influence of training benefits socially and economically which helps enhance organization progress effectively.

 Goals of Conference:

  • Enable the organization to measure the benefit of training programs.
  • Enhance the training concepts which leads to calculate the real results of training in both quantitatively and qualitatively sides.
  • Support the process of resettlement of employment through objective replacement programs that rely on raising the work skills of national man power.
  • Increase awareness of the importance of education and training to raise the effectiveness of organization in general and private sectors.
  • Make training a long-term investment that leads to increase manpower skills and enhance its role the organization.

 Conference Topics:

  • The importance of training programs towards organization.
  • The effectiveness of training programs for all levels of employees in the organization.
  • Promote employees performance to improve the level of production and efficiency.
  • Set budgets and financial allocations, design and plan for paid training programs.
  • Measure the effect of training to the individual, work, and organization.
  • Relation between education systems and training programs to improve participation of national manpower.
  • The effect of training on the economy of society.
  • The effect of training on economic organizations in different patterns and forms.
  • The effect of training on level of improvement of services and products.