Conference 2010 ...... Overview

The managers, work teams, observers, developers and customers the foundation stone for the success of any activity where the focus of this gathering what he needs to know the participants, whether they are members of the working groups or leaders to achieve success and the achievement of investment decisions right and that are in favor of such activities.

It is possible to run a successful and ambitious development program, but keep the structure of the availability of good professional institutions serve the plans for sustainability, which is an integral part of successful planning tools. So it was the essence of this conference is to address the different experiences and to identify the best ways to develop the workforce in a sustainable manner. Therefore Valtrah depends on the factual information, facts and statistics consistent with the mission and objectives of the World Organization of the Assemblies of training and development. Therefore, this conference will discuss incentives and realistic factors raise the effectiveness of the performance of projects that depend on the workforce and provide practical solutions to them.