Career Forum Gulf and the World Organization for Training and Development Associations

Joining the two entities specialized in this common effort to achieve their common objectives. It was communication and cooperation between the sectors of human resources is still an attribute present between the global and regional institutions, which is one of the strategies of these parties, and this represents the effort that we have one of the manifestations of these alliances involved.

That the countries of the Middle East are deeply rooted and ancient entities are rich in history and rich heritage and wealth and potential, as they are a young and vibrant communities.

Career development programs are a focal point for strategic plans of these countries, was the forum since its inception in the continuous presence of decision makers, officials and makers of legislation in the areas of human resources to address the various issues and concerns.

The World Organization of the Assemblies of training and development and through the diversity of its resources and its experts and professionals belonging to them is doing what it can to foster closer communication to the enrichment of regional forums to achieve the desired development of this diversity and international presence.